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Magnetic Pin Catcher

A couple of years ago a new deodorant came on the market. It was fabulous! No chemicals, easy to apply, fresh, almost non-existent and natural scent, and it worked. Best of all, the container was refillable. Green all the way! … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Dummies

Now that I am finally the size I was meant to be (and was, for what were previously the healthiest years of my adult life), I thought it would be interesting to compare my “dummies”.  I haven’t been the same … Continue reading

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Buttons Galore

I think JoAnn’s just supplied me with the button box of my dreams.  It’s sad, though:  At least in my area, JoAnn isn’t  going to carry JHB buttons any longer.  I walked into our local stores and discovered that all … Continue reading

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Making a Reversible Tank

Trena asked me to share my method for making reversible sleeveless tops like the ones in my wardrobe plan.  I’m glad she did, because when I sat down to make the one right after her request, I completely blanked on … Continue reading

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Christine Jonson BaseWear One Top 622

Here’s the illustration from the cjpatterns site, which is, as usual, pretty but not useful.  The tank, in particular, has a lot more shape in execution than you’d ever guess from the illustration.  It looks blocky and puffy in the … Continue reading

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Threads Wardrobe Storyboard

Chez Noile is still in chaos, so I needed some quickie sewing projects that would chew up stash and require minimal space in the sewing room.  Also, I need summer clothes, since I’ve done little about acquiring any for years.  … Continue reading

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Storing Au Bonheur Patterns

The last batch of Au Bonheur des Petites Mains patterns didn’t come in the marvelous card envelopes in which my first order arrived.   (See the sturdy envelope here; it’s at the end of the post.)  The newest ones came in … Continue reading

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Edgestitching, and Why I Love It

It’s this foot: I can’t remember if it came with my Pfaff 1229, or if I picked it up somewhere else.  Every other foot for my Pfaff snaps onto the shank, so I’m inclined to think this was an add-on.  … Continue reading

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Dear Baby Lock . . .

.  .  .  please forgive me.  I have slandered you wrongly.  Or maybe I’ve libeled you.  In any case, I was wrong, dreadfully wrong.  Sigh.

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Serger Stuff Storage

The arrival of my new serger has occasioned a few changes around here:  I’ve been motivated to get a bit better organized, at least as far as my new machine and its ancillary bits are concerned. I’ve previously ranted about … Continue reading

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