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More Masks

More masks, acknowledging the arrival of Covid Delta, and recognizing that we’ll be wearing them for quite a while yet. Both of these masks are Mr. Noile’s, and both are the Marfy free pattern.

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An Apron for Mr. Noile

Mr. Noile has been spending more and more time with his various outdoor cooking devices. One of our ancient IKEA aprons. Much nicer than the current version, BTW! He wears our kitchen aprons when fiddling about in the open air. … Continue reading

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Magnetic Pin Catcher

A couple of years ago a new deodorant came on the market. It was fabulous! No chemicals, easy to apply, fresh, almost non-existent and natural scent, and it worked. Best of all, the container was refillable. Green all the way! … Continue reading

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DIY Shopper/Tote

. . . that’s Draft It Yourself! This is an easy-to-design, easy-to-make, handy, tote anyone with a little sewing experience can make.

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