The FTC has gotten a bit shirty about insisting that bloggers disclose any fiduciary interest in the items/subjects/goods they write about. This is so you can figure out if a blogger is trustworthy, or if said blogger has been bribed to say nice things. It’s not clear if a non-commercial blog like this one falls within the requirements for disclosure, but I talk about a lot of things here, and I can get pretty nice as well as pretty shirty myself, when writing.

So here’s my disclaimer: No one pays me to write this blog, and I don’t, and will never, accept payment in return for sweet-talking across my keyboard. I’m really a little too ornery for that.

If I ever run ads on this blog, I’ll still be too ornery to write nice things if I don’t believe them. But that’s not a relevant issue at the moment. Or likely to be.

If, however, any company/entity or whatever happens to supply me with a sample, a goodie, or whatever that I haven’t paid for myself, and I write about that company/entity or whatever, I will state clearly, on the specific post in question, the nature of any such sample, “freebie”, or whatever. Unless you see that specific statement, you can safely assume that I’ve not had any untoward and/or unreported interaction with any thing/company/entity mentioned.

In which case, you can safely interpret my opinionated expressions all by yourself.  Which is what you were going to do anyway, wasn’t it? I figured.