Hobonichi Techo Cover

May 20th, 2022 No comments

For the past few years I’ve used a Japanese Traveller’s Notebook as my daily diary. I liked it, and it was a useful tool while I tried to figure out what I really wanted and needed, but this year I ended up with a Hobonichi Techo — the smaller of the Japanese Hobonichi datebooks.

A representative page, with privacy redactions.

I love this thing! It’s exactly the right size for everything I want to record. It’s made of special, super-thin, super-strong paper (and costs like it!), so it’s light and durable. And I can write in it with my tiny fountain pen!

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Addi Mittens, Take 3

March 6th, 2022 No comments

After two failures, it was time to try again. Like the previous two mittens, this pair was made using Suzy’s Addi Pro Mittens Tutorial. This pair  were made from double-strands of Lion Brand Fishermen’s Wool and KnitPicks Stroll fingering yarn — a combination that is possibly a little thicker than the Addi likes best, but roughly comparably in weight to the Wool Ease and Kroy Socks double strands.

Knit mittens are always a little problematic — they’re holey, after all! — but this yarn combination yields a nice, tight fabric. You’d still might want to wear some kind of woven liner under in really cold weather, but in most circumstances, these mittens would probably keep hands cozy enough.

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Addi Express Mittens!

February 13th, 2022 No comments

I used Suzy’s Addi Pro Mittens Tutorial; the process looked a lot easier than socks. (But, let’s face it, socks aren’t at all tough once you figured them out!) My first attempt was done double-stranding Lion Brand Fishermen’s Wool in oatmeal and Kroy Socks in brown rose marl.

There were issues. I love the extra long cuff, which is doubled back and knitted together, but I had trouble with the thumb, which is done in a flat panel. I failed to drop the necessary stitches properly, and, well, it was a mess. Using these yarns, this mitten was also far too long for me.

I took it apart; too much was wrong, and I also hated the meh color(s).

Things got messier on my second attempt.

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Flat Pack in Chocolate

February 7th, 2022 No comments

Smaller, fidgety, fiber arts tools need their own safe place, especially if one is inclined to haul them around. On the spur of the moment, I pulled out the last of my favorite chocolate quilting fabric, and made a little flat pack for the lovely Stephen Willette tools I like to keep handy.

Dark chocolate nonpareils, yum!

This is not an IKEA-style flat pack, of course, but an expandable little bag.

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Addi Socks 97/98 and 99/100

February 5th, 2022 No comments

For Addi socks 97 and 98, I doubled the essentially fingering-weight International Yarns Infusions.

These rank among my favorites so far, and were easy to knit; the yarn is just a little bit heavier than fingering yarn, and, doubled, is heavy enough to create a nice heft. But my very favorite pair follows:

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The Goldilocks Socks (95 and 96)

February 4th, 2022 No comments

Yes, these just might be the “right” weight socks for my Addi Express knitting machine. Not too thick, and not too thin, with stitches just about right for the yarns.

The Addi still struggles a bit with those increases and decreases, and I take great care with them! But somehow it manages very well — how can a plastic machine be this sturdy?!? — and does the job beautifully.

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No. 10 Ebony Dress

January 31st, 2022 4 comments

Clothing has taken a back seat around here for quite a while now, but there’s stash to be used up, and, someday, maybe, clothes will be needed again. I have been eyeing *Wool&’s Rowena merino dress for quite a while, but couldn’t convince myself to buy it: the neckline’s all wrong for me; everyone complains about the pockets; and there’s the whole agony and waste of online sizing.

But I want at least one merino dress along those lines — and it’s time to start thinking about making clothes again. Why not begin with something that will act like pajamas around the house, but go outside — if that’s ever possible — perfectly well? That was my thinking, so I grabbed some ponte, bought long ago from Fabric Mart, Closet Case’s Ebony Dress pattern No. 10, and went to work.

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A Brief History of More Socks

January 31st, 2022 No comments

Here’s a quick over-view of some of the socks I’ve made so far on my Addi Express, to a point, and otherwise not mentioned.

The reference numbers refer to casting-on, not to actual full socks completed! I’ve cast-on a lot of experiments, toes, and heels, and what-not, which never materialized into full socks.

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Addi Socks 93 and 94

January 29th, 2022 No comments

This pair is the result of casting onto the Addi Express for the 93rd and 94th times.

These look purple in my monitor, but they are
actually shades of burgundy and dusty rose.

And they are the first pair I’ve made which have no mistakes! (Uh, maybe I should say that they have no mistakes that I noticed?) No dropped stitches, no pulls, and even tension in the heels and toes. (Though that latter is complicated, see below.)

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A Pair of Socks on the Addi Express

January 24th, 2022 No comments

Finally, a matching pair of Addi-knit socks! Here are the results of my 78th and 80th casting-ons. (Number 77 was a bust. Sigh.)

There’s still a lot to learn — among other things, I think the tension isn’t exactly the same for both socks — but this is a milestone!

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