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Quick Belt

When I made Vogue 1088 recently, I wasn’t very happy with the belt I used in the photos.  It was one I picked up for next to nothing because it was the easiest way to buy a buckle to play … Continue reading

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I’ll be taking a sewing workshop soon, and picked up the supplies the other day.  We’ll be doing embellishment, which is about as foreign to me as sewing gets; I’m more a technical/engineering type.  Or, at least, I’m in no … Continue reading

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Thrift Store Rescue: Jacket Repair

Sometime back in 2008, I saw this jacket at a thrift shop, and fell in love with it.  Why?  Because it’s weird, that’s why.  It’s a kooky variation on what used to be a classic Columbia winter jacket.  This one … Continue reading

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TSA-Friendly Belt

Ah, TSA.  How you’ve changed our lives.  How difficult you’ve made it to travel in normal, human, clothing.  For an upcoming trip, I am wearing a t-shirt tunic and leggings on the plane because that will get me through screening … Continue reading

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Vogue 8657, Judi Dench, and Me

OK,  so there are several problems here.  The first is what I have in common with Judi Dench.  Dame Dench has been quoted as having said (either to Charlie Rose or to USA Today, I can’t seem to track it … Continue reading

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Cuffing Travel/Trekking Pants

Every pair of travel/trekking pants I own has a bunch of features I really like, but no one pair has every feature I like.  The particular pair I’m posting about here are nearly perfect, but the legs are much wider … Continue reading

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Vogue 1088 and Burda 7658

I love the look of Vogue 1088, but the back of the top, not so much. That’s because there is no top at “back of the top”.  Although my hatred for bras exceeds nearly every other prejudice I hold, this … Continue reading

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Five Fingers — Yes, Baby!

OK, this is a controversy I can’t avoid.  Five Fingers!  Lsa, of As I Said . . . , has been scarred by an encounter with my favorite kayaking shoes: Now, I agree with Lsa’s main point — even I … Continue reading

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“My Double” Instruction Booklet

Miss Bedelia was originally shipped with an instruction booklet, which I was lucky to find on eBay.  It’s got very complete directions for fitting the dress form, and is, all in all, a marvel of clear English.  Which is more … Continue reading

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Miss Bedelia: My New Dress Form

Miss Bedelia is my “new” dress form:  she is a gift from my dear aunt, who was kind enough to name her, too, thus sparing her the ignominy of an anonymous existence.  I’ve always wanted one of these, partly because … Continue reading

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