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If I Were A Doll

This is the one I’d be: Peter, of Male Pattern Boldness, has offered a challenge to his readers.  Answer one of three questions, and be considered to win a set of Glamour Girl paper dolls.  I don’t normally do these … Continue reading

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The Kitchen Sink

Note: Edits added 1/24/2012, added in italics, and bold, below. There’s been precious little sewing, and even less sewing blogging, around here lately.  There’s always a long list of things that need doing, not many of which require needle and … Continue reading

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Cork-Backed Tiles

When Mr. Noile and I started eating hot pot for dinner, we realized that it would be a great idea to have something larger than a trivet to put underneath our cast iron kettle when it is on the table.  … Continue reading

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A Little Re-Styling

This is my wear-around-the-house-so-the-bad-kitten-can-destroy-it sweater.  Or jacket, I’m not sure which.  It’s very comfortable, and it was remaindered for next to nothing, so I was happy to find it.  But the asymmetric  front closure just looks strange.  Believe me, it … Continue reading

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