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Snaps for a Duvet Cover

So sheltering-at-home is getting old, but a surprising benefit, around here, at least, is that old projects, long-procrastinated, are finally getting knocked off. This week duvets got addressed. We got our duvets and covers quite a while ago because one … Continue reading

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Pillowcase-Sham, Fungi-Edition

A dear relative has made her life work the pursuit and study of the mushroom.  I wanted to make her a set of silky pillowcases so that she could spend her drowsing moments with images of her favorite obsession. Do … Continue reading

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In My Drawers

Sadly, this isn’t a post about knickers.  It’s about kitchen drawers.  Our kitchen cabinets are classic metal cabinets, installed in 1952.  Though they show a few of the ravages of time, we love them.  Call me crazy, but I much … Continue reading

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Not Martha/Not Sewing

(With apologies to the actual Not Martha.  Real Martha, America’s favorite domestic diva and best-known upper-crust felon, wouldn’t be impressed with this project, either, but there you go.) Our pull-down attic stair was replaced recently, first, with a horrible, flimsy … Continue reading

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From Tee to Cushion (With Fungi)

I have a dear relative whose life’s work has revolved around fungi.  You can imagine, then, how thrilled I was to find this in a shop last fall: I’d been looking for “mushroom fabric” for quite a while, but everything … Continue reading

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Half-Circle Napkins

Need a quick, last-minute gift?  These napkins are fast and easy to make and can be folded in a number of ways, depending on your mood, or whatever is going on at the table.  If you use appropriate colors, you … Continue reading

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Organization -1798 Style

Philadelphia has had to stretch a bit to capitalize on its association with Benjamin Franklin; sometimes this works, and sometimes it doesn’t.  I suspect that many of the visitors to 322 Market Street leave believing that they’ve seen a replica … Continue reading

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The Kitchen Sink

Note: Edits added 1/24/2012, added in italics, and bold, below. There’s been precious little sewing, and even less sewing blogging, around here lately.  There’s always a long list of things that need doing, not many of which require needle and … Continue reading

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Cork-Backed Tiles

When Mr. Noile and I started eating hot pot for dinner, we realized that it would be a great idea to have something larger than a trivet to put underneath our cast iron kettle when it is on the table.  … Continue reading

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Grab Loops on a Window Shade

The second task of the new year was this somewhat peculiar project. Our laundry room has a window above the washer and dryer, but I’m just too short to reach the shade that covers it. The shade itself is ugly, … Continue reading

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