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Kappogi-Influenced Apron/Smock

I made this apron fifty years ago, for a relative who was beginning to study Ikebana. Photo of a Japanese-style apron with a square neck and rectangular sleeves, mid-thigh length, in a cotton watercolor-effect print in shade of gray. The … Continue reading

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Magnetic Pin Catcher

A couple of years ago a new deodorant came on the market. It was fabulous! No chemicals, easy to apply, fresh, almost non-existent and natural scent, and it worked. Best of all, the container was refillable. Green all the way! … Continue reading

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Burda 6475

I’m not sure why I bought this pattern. It might have been because the denim version looked as if it might possibly be some kind of cat-proof tunic for lolling around the house. But in the end, I found a … Continue reading

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A New “Sources” Page on Noile

Terri, a reader, has very kindly sent me a comprehensive list of online fabric sources in the USA and Canada. I’ve made a separate page of her listings — it’s an amazing resource. See it here on the Sources — … Continue reading

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Kwik Sew K253, Sort Of

So, I’m still staying at home just about 100% of the time, and I never wear shoes anymore. Additionally, for years I’ve longed for slippers that would feel like socks, but would fit less floppily, without slipping on our wood … Continue reading

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A Rashguard

Weirdly, although I rarely swim, I love making swimming suits, and always have. A long, long time ago, in more innocent and probably kinder times — and times before everyone carried a camera in a phone — the people I … Continue reading

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Update: Pinterest

Mary has sent in a copy of Pinterest’s user agreement, pulled yesterday from the Pinterest site. (You can see her comment on the previous post, here.)  The wording has changed from the previous agreement, which was in force at the … Continue reading

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This post refers to Pinterest’s original terms of use agreement, which was changed on April 6,2012.  Please see the following post, Update: Pinterest, for additional information regarding the new terms. Here’s one good reason I will never use Pinterest.  Do … Continue reading

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In My Drawers

Sadly, this isn’t a post about knickers.  It’s about kitchen drawers.  Our kitchen cabinets are classic metal cabinets, installed in 1952.  Though they show a few of the ravages of time, we love them.  Call me crazy, but I much … Continue reading

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Material Politics

Bunny has sung the praises of Walmart’s faux leather, and has made some amazingly creative bags using it.    Though I’m not convinced that its competitors are a lot better, I admit that I’m no fan of Walmart, and I try … Continue reading

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