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Final Mini-Wardrobe

Here are all four pieces on one storyboard: (I really did this just so that I had a URL to add to PR’s discussion forum.)

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Vogue 8499 – The Skirt, In Black

Final piece for Mini-Wardrobe, 2008 — and it’s still an hour and forty-five minutes to the deadline! Whew. I have a fantasy about this skirt. It’s constructed with long, narrow pockets attached to the side panels. I want to go … Continue reading

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Storyboard Redux

Some nerve, huh? It’s the last day of the contest, and I’m posting a new storyboard. What can I say? This month’s been a wild and wacky ride. Here it is: As of this posting, three of the garments are … Continue reading

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New Look 6483 – Reversible Tank II

When I confronted my spouse wearing the muslin version of this tank, he took one look and said “You’re puffy!” I detected no admiration in his tone, so I’m taking some comfort from knowing that this version is “puffy” on … Continue reading

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Vogue 7914 – Jacket

Here’s another piece for the PR Mini-Wardrobe Contest. (Will I actually make it to the finish line?) This pattern has appealed to me for a long time — it’s got easy lines, and that long tail in the back (which … Continue reading

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Five Fingers for the Feet

I tried on these shoes last year at a sports store in Philadelphia. I didn’t get them at the time because I wasn’t quite sure how I’d use them, and, well, the clerk was a real jerk. (It’s the principle … Continue reading

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Return of the Pfaff

On Wednesday, I discovered that, owing largely to circumstances beyond the store’s control, my Pfaff was still waiting to be fixed, and not likely to be touched for at least a few more weeks. So I retrieved it, since I … Continue reading

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Unusual Buttons, Fast

Is everyone as frustrated with the button selection at Joann’s as I am? If so, it’s easy to imagine how pleased I was to find this promising button at Joann’s. Unfortunately, it was stocked only in a larger size than … Continue reading

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Vogue 7280 Reversible Skirt

This is one of a series of posts I wrote for a previous website. I got inspired after re-reading and reviewing Kate Mathews’ “Sewing a Travel Wardrobe” recently, and wanted to make a reversible outfit. I decided to start out … Continue reading

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DIY Kayak Seat Modification

On a maniacal Sunday a couple of weeks ago. I got up and made over my Vogue 8497 flop, made a kayak hanger, and designed a seat-back modification for my Tsunami SP kayak. It’s taken me until now to get … Continue reading

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