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Sailor Cycling

I cycle, and I like to be as visible as possible.  Bright red, screaming orange, and hideous yellow-green, yes,  ma’am, you’re my friends. But a boxy, horrible utility vest?  Not so much.  So I got a hold of two IKEA … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Dummies

Now that I am finally the size I was meant to be (and was, for what were previously the healthiest years of my adult life), I thought it would be interesting to compare my “dummies”.  I haven’t been the same … Continue reading

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Whimsical Purse Mod

I love Baggallini purses; there’s one for (almost) every occasion, and I own way too many as a result.  Usually I want a purse that can be used as a shopping bag as well as a handbag, and Baggallini has … Continue reading

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Packing Cube ID

I’ve been using packing cubes forever; I love the way they organize my traveling life, even though I often forget what I’ve packed in each cube.  Since I generally wear black while I travel, everything looks the same inside a … Continue reading

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Case Mod

Apparently my mania for adorning my suitcase is unstoppable.  I’ve added little, personal, “de-merit” badges to the cover to complement my “destination” souvenirs: The three small circular badges running across the center of the picture represent (left to right):  storms … Continue reading

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Felt Gift Bags

Just in time for Boxing Day — that is, if you’re doing nothing else today — are these felt bags, shamelessly copied from ones Starbucks sells every December.  (Or, at least, for the last few.) The Starbucks bags are much … Continue reading

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SewStylish featured handmade pincushion doughnuts in the Fall 2010 issue.  (Why do they do this?  I mean, feature Etsy artisans?  Are readers of SewStylish really going to go out and buy stuff they could make??  Of course not; we’re going … Continue reading

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The LBD (Times 365)

Uniforms.  It’s what we sewists hate, right?  But what if you only had one dress — say, one LBD, like this one: Sheena Matheiken began an experiment in fashion sustainability in May, 2009.  What if she were to wear only … Continue reading

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PR Weekend Diary

Ever wonder what a PR Weekend is like?  Here’s a whirlwind recap of the last few days in Philadelphia: First, the incomparable Kenneth King put on a wildly entertaining show, hauling out a number of amazing garments from his bright … Continue reading

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A Sewing Weekend

I’m looking forward to an upcoming sewing event — it will be the first time in a long time that I’ve gathered with a group of sewists I haven’t met. Because I’m awful at keeping people straight, I’m reading all … Continue reading

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