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April 29th, 2010 No comments

I’ll be taking a sewing workshop soon, and picked up the supplies the other day.  We’ll be doing embellishment, which is about as foreign to me as sewing gets; I’m more a technical/engineering type.  Or, at least, I’m in no way about the glam!  But I’m really looking forward to the class as a way to explore something I’d otherwise never touch.

Here’s what we were instructed to bring:

  • Seed beads:  I got the tiniest black ones (in the envelopes to the right), but also containers of slightly larger beads in gold/brown/black tones and in green tones (the tubes on the upper left)
  • Braid (chain-stitched) trims: I choose ivory, black, and a less loopy one in camel
  • Rattail cord in green, copper, taupe, off-white (and black, not shown) I think we only  needed one color, but I thought I’d like to be able to choose once I’m working, especially since my colors are more “basic” than “flash”
  • Bugle beads (cylindrical beads) (package in the lower right corner)
  • Piece of background fabric (not shown; mine’s off-white dupioni silk)
  • Felt for backing (not shown; mine’s black)

We’ve also been instructed to bring our scissors, thread, pins (normal sewing supplies), no. 10 beading needles, and a pointed sacking needle, none of which I photographed because they’re just part of my basic tool kit.

I can’t see myself wearing garments decorated with these lovely things, but I can imagine that this kind of decorative art might be  pretty cool for cushions, bags, album covers, tops of boxes, on cards (on paper or on stiffened fabric), or even as a (removable) decorative brooch for a flamboyant evening.  Will I be able to find my inner artist?  We’ll know soon  .  .  .

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Five Fingers — Yes, Baby!

April 15th, 2010 4 comments

OK, this is a controversy I can’t avoid.  Five Fingers!  Lsa, of As I Said . . . , has been scarred by an encounter with my favorite kayaking shoes:

Now, I agree with Lsa’s main point — even I have to admit that these stupendous, wonderful, incredibly comfortable foot-coddlers are NOT  fashion-forward.  BUT I feel compelled to rise to their defense (I’ve done it before, though with a different focus).  If you like having bare feet, you’ll probably love these things — it’s bare foot without any of the drawbacks.

So what do you think?  If Vibram made them transparent (so that they were essentially visible), could we wear them with real clothes and mainstream them into our fashion consciousness?  I’m  just suggesting .  .  .

Related:  Five Fingers for the Feet

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If I Were A Doll

February 13th, 2010 No comments

This is the one I’d be:

at-eg-300Peter, of Male Pattern Boldness, has offered a challenge to his readers.  Answer one of three questions, and be considered to win a set of Glamour Girl paper dolls.  I don’t normally do these things, but I was so prepared for this one.  You’ll have to check out Peter’s blog to see why.  (Check the comments on this post, if you’re curious.)

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Pattern Sale!

January 31st, 2009 No comments

So I bopped down to JoAnn’s the other day and picked up a few Vogue patterns. Five, to be precise — that’s at least two more than I’ve ever picked up at once before. I’m dreamin’, big time!

The one I wanted most was Marcy Tilton’s new pants pattern, Vogue 8561:


I love the kooky shape of the legs, but I have a couple of concerns. First, it’s never a good sign when a pattern company can’t get the pants to look as if they fit the model. In both Vogue photos (this one, and the one in the pattern catalog on a human model), if you look closely, it’s clear that the crotch doesn’t quite work. So I’m expecting some fit issues here. Other Tilton patterns I’ve used have been huge, so it will be interesting to work with one that looks much trimmer. I think I may make a couple of modifications, too, but later for those . . .

In the wake of my disappointment with the neck finish on Vogue 8536, this top looks pretty good to me, so I picked it up, too:


It’s a Sandra Betzina, Vogue 8151.

So much for the practical stuff. The next two patterns are the stuff of fantasy. First, the much-noted Donna Karan, Vogue 1088:


Could I carry this off? Well, probably not — but a girl can dream, can’t she? I’m using it for exercise inspiration. Arms in this dress had better be buff!

And then there’s this one, Vogue 1094:


In Vogue’s new pattern book, it’s made up in black and white gingham. Yeah, I fell, and I fell hard. This means that not only the arms and shoulders need to be buff, but the waist needs to be very, very trim. No belt to help fake it. I have my work cut out for me — or, alternatively, I’ve got a really good fantasy going here!

The fifth one was Vogue 8485, specifically view C (with the bamboo handles):


I want to wear dresses (well, maybe not the two above, but dresses in general) this summer. I’m going to need a generic bag that is industrial-sized, but will still look good with a variety of frocks. So I’m planning to make this one in black linen. I’ll almost certainly lose the bamboo handles (ouch!), so I need to do some thinking about what would work instead. This view has a shoulder strap, too. It’s practical, but not obvious. I like that.

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Actually, I Prefer Noile

August 4th, 2008 No comments


Fail Blog

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Make a Cloth Crinkle Book

June 23rd, 2008 No comments

Stinkhead has posted a video showing how to make a baby’s cloth crinkle book using a free pdf, also available at the link. Well, it’s actually a crinkle newspaper, but close enough.


We’ll ignore Stinkhead’s assumption that only Daddy reads the newspaper, especially since both Daddy and Mommy get their news on the Internet these days. Also, because, although he figures only Mommies will sew the book, he actually does it himself in the video. Be that all as it may, this is one cool project, and Stinkhead’s graphics are way much cooler than the New York Times’.

Via Daddytypes

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Final Mini-Wardrobe

May 31st, 2008 No comments

Here are all four pieces on one storyboard:

(I really did this just so that I had a URL to add to PR’s discussion forum.)

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Storyboard Redux

May 31st, 2008 No comments

Some nerve, huh? It’s the last day of the contest, and I’m posting a new storyboard. What can I say? This month’s been a wild and wacky ride.

Here it is:

As of this posting, three of the garments are done. But hey, I’ve still got 15 or so more hours, right?

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PR Mini-Wardrobe Contest 2008

April 28th, 2008 1 comment

Here’s my storyboard for the PR Mini-Wardrobe Contest:

I went for the two tops, two bottoms option. The first top is Stretch and Sew’s City Tee, the long-sleeved version. This should be interesting — it has a built-in shelf bra, and I’ll be using power mesh for the first time. This pattern’s been hanging around for a year or two, and I’m glad to finally have an excuse to use it.

My Vogue 8499 muslin turned out so well that I’m really eager to make another pair. They’ll be very different in stretch cotton sateen. I’m not quite sure what to expect, but I’m sure I’ll like the results. The “stretch” will be largely irrelevant, since the pants are so full. This particular fabric has very little stretch and a nice resiliency, so it should work well and be very nice to wear.

The Vogue skirt is less of an experiment: the black linen-like fabric will give it a different look from my first version, but it should feel much the same to wear.

I’m a little dubious about Vogue 8323 — not the pattern itself, but the fabric I’ve chosen. We’ll see how it works up in one of those non-lycra cotton knits. (Got to use up that stash!). I cut out the cowl version of this shirt last summer, and didn’t quite finish making it. Today or tomorrow I’ll finish it as a warm-up to doing this new view.

There’s nothing really exciting here, but four good pieces to give my wardrobe a boost. The fabric and notions are sitting on my cutting table, ready for May 1, when we start our engines!

Note: There’s a typo on my storyboard — that pants pattern is 8499, not 8397. Correction as soon as I can manage it. This poor storyboard went through a few revisions, and I missed the old pattern number when finalizing it. 4/30/08:  Corrected storyboard added.

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Dollar-Store Dream

April 20th, 2008 1 comment

Longing for elegance, but lack the bankroll? Take a look at what one craftster did with ten dollars worth of supplies from a dollar store:

Impressive, no? Even more amusing than the picture itself are the details, which the creator, witwhitherwilt, covers thoroughly in her post on Craftster (including shots of her wearing it). Look out, Vera, ya got nothin’ on this gal!

Via the ever-wonderful Dress A Day.

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