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Another Sweatshirt Mash-Up

This one’s a frankenpattern involving a Jalie collar and the tunic body from Vogue 8854, which I’ve previously also mashed-up with the Talvikki top. Just pretend it’s dancing! The angle’s all wrong, but the tunic’s just fine, really!

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The Buttoned Cardi-Shawl

This is an unpublished post from a few years ago, so pre-Covid. No museum-going, or any other travel, is happening here these days! This is the perfect, throw-it-in-the-day-bag, off-to-the-too-cool-museum wrap. When it’s made of a lightweight knit, it’s just the … Continue reading

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Pocket for a Power Chair

A dear relative uses a power chair (which she amusingly calls an “electric chair”, an accurate, if perhaps misleading, description) and, naturally, likes to have a “pocket” to hold small things when she ventures forth in her chariot. A few … Continue reading

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Folkwear Wearable Blanket

It’s winter, it’s Covid, it’s time to huddle, and wearable blankets, otherwise known as “ponchos”, are everywhere, and mostly meh and so large as to be unmanageable. Like a lot of people now, I, too, want to hibernate until it’s … Continue reading

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Jalie Flair 4026 Headband, etc.

Masks — so simple, so essential, so bothersome! In cold weather, it’s a pain juggling a hat, hair, maybe glasses, and maybe other behind-the-ear gadgets. Canadian pattern maker Jalie has come up with a sleek, clever solution to the behind-the-ears … Continue reading

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