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Another Sweatshirt Mash-Up

January 29th, 2021 Leave a comment Go to comments

This one’s a frankenpattern involving a Jalie collar and the tunic body from Vogue 8854, which I’ve previously also mashed-up with the Talvikki top.

Just pretend it’s dancing! The angle’s all wrong,
but the tunic’s just fine, really!

The fabric is from Montreal, several years back, and it’s the same one I used for Vogue 1642.  It’s a favorite fabric, in a favorite color, so I’m not sorry to have several garments from it.

Naturally, I added in-seam pockets, lined with much-thinner cotton. They’re nicely hidden when wearing the tunic, but completely essential.

I re-did the collar four times. The Jalie pattern has a lovely curve that swoops down perfectly, and I have very, ahem, imperfect drafting skills. Getting the curve right took some major work, but it’s finally there. Mostly. Enough. I love the top, and sometimes it’s good to know when to quit!

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