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An Easy, but Meh, Dress

July 29th, 2021 No comments

This dress, sewn from Vogue 1250, started out as some kind of cycling garment — you know, bike-into-town with the idea of dressing “less cyclist” and more “townie”.

There’s a dime sewn into a tiny pocket
at the inner center front of the cowl —
a great trick that gives the cowl shape and form.

I guessed that I might not like it much, but thought that fabric was the questionable bit. That wasn’t quite right. Read more…

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A Rashguard

July 22nd, 2021 No comments

Weirdly, although I rarely swim, I love making swimming suits, and always have. A long, long time ago, in more innocent and probably kinder times — and times before everyone carried a camera in a phone — the people I knew, some of them family, some friends — swam without suits. No inappropriate comments, no lustful looks, no discomfort. It’s just what we did; it was part of the culture. (Perhaps we all should have been Scandinavians?)

Admittedly, we were at private pools and little-known beaches — and no one drank or otherwise indulged in behavioral excesses, all of which certainly helped to keep the atmosphere relaxed and happy. It was wonderful; there is nothing like moving through water with nothing between you and that marvelous liquid.  Read more…

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Vogue 8095 Fabulous Hat

July 15th, 2021 No comments

(This is an older, not previously published, review, but I keep thinking about Cennetta’s hats, on The Mahogony Stylist, so I’m following her inspiration!)

The illustration in Vogue’s catalogue, and on the pattern envelope, made this hat look more like a cartoon than something to wear. v8095.jpg

Fortunately, Vogue put a photograph of it on the cover of its late summer catalogue, and wow! it’s dramatic! I tried to talk myself into buying a different pattern (this thing lists at $22.50 — oh, please!), but this was definitely the right pattern. Eventually it went on sale.

Read more…

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Taylor Tailor Canvas Wine Tote

July 8th, 2021 No comments

This was a quick little fun project: a tiny tote bag for . . . just about anything.

I whipped it up in a lightweight, canvas-like fabric that looks like a basketweave.

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V 8854 French Blue Version

July 1st, 2021 2 comments

Previously: I made three of these tops, including this one, in 2014 — that’s why this is a “legacy” post — and am still wearing them in 2021!

OK, this is the third one of these I’ve made and, yes, I live in them. I wear them all the time. Just like sloppy sweats (or PJs!), but oh, so respectable!

(So relaxed that it has passed out!)

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