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Foldover Bag

This bag was a real disappointment when I first made it, and I put it aside while I decided what to do about the failure. Would I try to fix it? Cannibalize it for parts? Use it anyway and hate … Continue reading

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A Second Haralson

This Haralson is rough-and-ready compared to my first one, of an almost-elegant tapestry. It´s made from a fairly heavy weight canvas — which probably isn´t really a good choice for such a small bag. Turning it right-side-out was interesting, and … Continue reading

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Flat Pack in Chocolate

Smaller, fidgety, fiber arts tools need their own safe place, especially if one is inclined to haul them around. On the spur of the moment, I pulled out the last of my favorite chocolate quilting fabric, and made a little … Continue reading

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Cat Backpack

So a really talented artist in Japan has made a bunch of incredible cat backpacks. Her name is Pico Miho, also known as nekoseisaku pico, and you can see her phenomenal work here, on Bored Panda. Her cats are handcrafted, … Continue reading

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Waxed Canvas Totes

Mr. Noile had a favorite waxed canvas coat for a long time, and I bought a more rarefied waxed canvas coat myself a few years ago. I’d never sewn with the fabric, though, so making these bags was a new … Continue reading

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Taylor Tailor Canvas Wine Tote

This was a quick little fun project: a tiny tote bag for . . . just about anything. I whipped it up in a lightweight, canvas-like fabric that looks like a basketweave.

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Bag Edits

I admit to having a pretty serious bag problem. A bag for every purpose; that’s my motto. I make them; I buy them; I use different ones all the time, depending on the day’s (or, formerly, the trip’s) purpose. But … Continue reading

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Green Pepper F559 Full Moon Baglet

It’s a baglet because, even though I made the largest size in the pattern, it’s still quite compact. But for my purposes, it’s a great size, and the design is just plain fun. Contrary to what you see here, this … Continue reading

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Take-Along Compact Backpack

Somewhere, in a bookstore (in Massachusetts?), in the Before Times, I found a clever, light, fold-up nylon backpack. I theoretically bought it for Mr. Noile, because we tended, in those days, to buy used books in vast amounts which were … Continue reading

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Faux Bihn Bag

I made a bag (quite a while ago, actually): It’s a copy of one I saw online. I didn’t buy the commercial one because, as designed, it didn’t have features I knew I’d want, but I loved the look of … Continue reading

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