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Burda “Polo” #121 09/2010

I’ve been dying to make the “trench jacket” from Burda’s 04/2008 issue since I first saw it on Cidell’s blog.  After snagging that issue in Hungary, I was all gung-ho until it occurred to me that I’d never made a … Continue reading

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Burda in Budapest

After discovering that it’s possible to buy the current issue of Burda’s pattern magazine virtually anywhere in Budapest, Hungary (gas stations! magazine kiosks! hole-in-the-wall newsstands!), I took special notice of an ad in the back of one of the Burdas … Continue reading

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ZÜCA Comment

Well, this is interesting. A ZÜCA employee attempted to leave a comment on my post about the ZÜCA Sport Pro without identifying herself as an employee. Comments on this blog are moderated, and, specifically because she did not identify herself … Continue reading

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My New Bag: ZÜCA Sport Pro Review

Dear sewers, hot on the trail of my last post (which was mostly written BEFORE my last two trips!), I am trying your patience with yet another luggage/travel post.  Bear with me; shortly we will return to our regularly scheduled … Continue reading

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Carry-On Only Travel

Sewers, I am back from a travel-mad summer and fall, and determined to write about luggage and packing.  Ignore this post if you prefer — I’ve got a bunch of real sewing articles lined up, which will shortly begin appearing. … Continue reading

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