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Talvikki Mash-Up

I bought the Named Talvikki pattern strictly for the neckline, because I didn’t want to draft it myself. This was just as well, since the neckline was the only part of the pattern that came close to fitting me. But ohhh, what a neckline! For someone like me, who wants to live in sweatshirts, but hates the standard styles, this collar makes all the difference.

The bottom line is that Named patterns are not made for smallish, 5’2″/157cm people. Nothing — other than the neck/collar — about this pattern worked for vertically-challenged me. Since the collar is stunning, though, I simply franken-patterned the rest, combining it with Vogue 8854, from which I’d made a batch of sweatshirts many years ago.

All I really did was swap out the chest area, and graft the Talvikki collar and upper chest to the Vogue pattern. Here’s a detail of the collar/yoke:

The result is not at all like the half-cropped/half-not Talvikki which looks so good on tall Scandinavians. Instead, I have a rather conventional sweatshirt tunic with a super-comfortable, wonderful-looking neckline.

I made Vogue 8854 three times back in 2014. Below is the version in French blue (just for reference, I enlarged the pocket because I knew I’d actually use it). When I frankenpatterned it with the Talvikki, I also removed the cuffs, and, obviously, left off the kangaroo pocket.

The red, below, and the blue, lower, are JoAnn fabrics from a year or so ago, and pure garbage. I fell for the colorways, but have regretted it ever since, as with every wash — only three so far — the fabric becomes more and more stiff, and pills into a texture that resembles nothing so much as felted plastic. It’s not nice.

The truth is that these two are so awful now that they belong in a landfill somewhere, and that’s a real shame. They were great to wear, right up until the first laundering post-construction, and I still love the colors (which are a lot more vibrant than my camera captures).

This gray is also a JoAnn fabric, but, so far, it’s fared a bit better. My hopes are not high, but I’m guessing that the “fiber” content (versus “barely refined plastic” content) is a bit higher in the gray than in the ombre stripe yardage.

Stiff, creepy plastic slubs on a fabric I loved
(and one that generated spontaneous
glowing comments all the time when I wore it out).
Too bad it was “worn out” in a single laundering.
So many reasons to hate the very-necessary, so-
awful JoAnn Fabrics.

Construction couldn’t have been simpler; in my version, at least, the only challenge is the darts. I kind of like making darts, so this works well for me — and assembly of the sleeves and tunic body for V8854 is as simple as can be.

Your mileage may vary, of course, and, naturally, I can’t speak to how the instructions or drafting are for the rest of the Talvikki. But I guarantee that lovely neckline won’t disappoint!

By the way, those Vogue 8854 tops from six years ago? I made them from XXL men’s heavy duty cotton sweatshirts. They’ve been laundered probably hundreds of times since then; I live in those tops three seasons of the year. The fabric has held up stunningly well, and only recently has begun to look a bit worn. But now I can’t find similar sweatshirting yardage, and I no longer can find men’s sweatshirts of a similar weight or quality. That’s really sad, and particularly awful since they were the most ordinary, sturdy, off-the-shelf garments imaginable. So sad.

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  1. Terri Kawucha
    January 22nd, 2021 at 16:13 | #1

    I bought the Talvikki for the same reason! Awesome neckline. I have pulled the Vogue pattern out of the drawer so many times to make it up & then it gets shoved back in the drawer. You have inspired me! I did make 2 really nice tops you might like from Stay N Stitch. The Solace sews up so quickly in sweat fleece & I sewed the Legends in a pretty linen knit from my stash – also a quick sew.
    I am in Canada & have purchased online some really nice sweat shirt fleece, cotton jersey & French terry. if you are interested in suppliers let me know. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Noile
      January 22nd, 2021 at 17:23 | #2

      The Vogue pattern is picky, but somehow just calls out to be made! In retrospect, I probably should have shortened the collar a little bit, so you might want to double check that unless you (unlike me!) have a long, elegant neck.

      I like the Solace top a lot, but the Legends knocks me out — a person could spend months just sewing from it! However, I’ve vowed never to buy another PDF again, so I’m afraid I’m out of luck. Other people will be really happy to see them, though, I’m sure. Thanks for your comment!

      Yes, I’d love to know which suppliers you’ve had good luck with — I’ll email you privately, though, in case you want to send links. More than two, and a comment gets tossed into the infinitely deep spam bucket.

  2. Marie
    October 11th, 2020 at 12:24 | #3

    I love your way of making sweatshirts stylish.

    A suggestion for possible sweatshirt fabric. I have sweatshirt fabric bathrobe that has worn extremely well. Granted that it is a few years old, but they still carry the style and it seems like it would provide lots of fabric. Here is a link: https://www.womanwithin.com/products/hooded-fleece-robe-by-dreams-and-co./1010514.html#cgid=WW_Robes&start=1

    And have you tried Wazoodle?

    • Noile
      October 11th, 2020 at 19:04 | #4

      Thanks for your comment and suggestions, Marie. I love the idea of buying the robe and re-purposing it into one (several) garments! Your endorsement of the fabric is really helpful.

      I didn’t know about Wazoodle, and if I ever get a chance, I’ll stop in at the store. After googling them and seeing their
      [weirdly aggressive and hostile] responses to customer issues, I don’t think I’d ever buy online from them. I’d need to see the merchandise first, and buy it directly. That’s too bad, because it looks as if they carry a lot of hard-to-find stuff — and I just love the hard-to-find stuff!