Five Fingers — Yes, Baby!

OK, this is a controversy I can’t avoid.  Five Fingers!  Lsa, of As I Said . . . , has been scarred by an encounter with my favorite kayaking shoes:

Now, I agree with Lsa’s main point — even I have to admit that these stupendous, wonderful, incredibly comfortable foot-coddlers are NOT  fashion-forward.  BUT I feel compelled to rise to their defense (I’ve done it before, though with a different focus).  If you like having bare feet, you’ll probably love these things — it’s bare foot without any of the drawbacks.

So what do you think?  If Vibram made them transparent (so that they were essentially visible), could we wear them with real clothes and mainstream them into our fashion consciousness?  I’m  just suggesting .  .  .

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4 Responses to Five Fingers — Yes, Baby!

  1. lsaspacey says:

    Ha, just saw this. Of course, I understand and like them in context, and we do have the James River just blocks away, but I have a feeling this guy wore them every day, regardless.

  2. justin says:

    Hmm transparent Vibrams … interesting concept! Not sure how they’d pull that off though. Maybe you could just put a layer of shoe goo on your foot though 🙂

    Re: fashion forward — I don’t know! Maybe with the right pair of jeans they could work. I’m still working on it.

    Finally, you might consider removing the sticker on the inside of your classics — it’s unnecessary and if you leave it in there it will ultimately goo up and be nasty. Just take it off already!

    Justin / five fingers fan community (birthdayshoes)

    • Noile says:

      Shoe goo?? But then we wouldn’t need Five Fingers, would we, hmmm?

      Justin, Justin, Justin . . . that portrait of my classics is right out of the box (hence the sticker). You don’t think I’d shoot them AFTER I’ve dragged them across a beach and kayaked, now, do you? This was the glam shot!

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