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Vintage Vogue 1524

Vogue didn’t do Adri any favors when they showed this pattern in white and peach. Even in 1985, these were b-o-r-i-n-g color choices! Maybe the Vogue stylists took a look at that uninspiring top and just tossed in the towel? … Continue reading

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Paco Peralta Split Skirt

Paco Peralta has a reputation for beautifully drafted designs, and, even though this skirt is, in truth, simple to make, it’s no exception. This is Vogue 1619, and, if out-of-print, well-worth snagging for all three pieces. But that skirt! It … Continue reading

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Ten Minute Skirt (Almost)

Rhonda, of Rhonda’s Creative Life, posts a free pattern — instructions, really — nearly every Friday.  In the midst of making my Minoru, I wanted something I could knock off fast, and call “finished”.  This skirt was perfect:  It’s made … Continue reading

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Christine Jonson Skirt 1219

Jonson calls this an A-line skirt, but I wouldn’t call this an “A-line” at all.  The seams are princes-styles gores, and the skirt is very narrow by design, not flared like an traditional A-line.  Unlike an A-line skirt, this garment … Continue reading

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Vintage Max Studio Skirt Mod

This skirt belonged to my sister decades ago; it’s a vintage (just barely) piece from Max Studio, which is still around, and still doing interesting stuff with wrinkled fabric.  This particular skirt is made of acetate, pre-crumpled, and, until this … Continue reading

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Skirt i: Japanese Pattern Book

This skirt (actually, it’s called “skirt/pant”)  is the cover shot on the Japanese pattern book We Wear Clothes Onself: Inside the cover is a pattern sheet a lot like the ones in BurdaStyle.  Every pattern piece you need to make … Continue reading

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We Wear Clothes Oneself: Japanese Pattern Book

I fell in love with this book at Kinokuniya in New York last summer: Google translates the title as “we wear clothes oneself“, with the subtitle “when you change from a three dimensional plane“.  (No wonder I loved it!)  To … Continue reading

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How to Carry a Baguette (or Two) in Your Skirt

Mr. Noile was kind enough to take these pictures of Vogue 8499.   This skirt has wonderful, deep side pockets, which can be very useful if you’re bringing bread home from the market: Well, OK, I don’t really shop like this.  … Continue reading

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Vogue 8499 – The Skirt, In Black

Final piece for Mini-Wardrobe, 2008 — and it’s still an hour and forty-five minutes to the deadline! Whew. I have a fantasy about this skirt. It’s constructed with long, narrow pockets attached to the side panels. I want to go … Continue reading

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Vogue 7280 Reversible Skirt

This is one of a series of posts I wrote for a previous website. I got inspired after re-reading and reviewing Kate Mathews’ “Sewing a Travel Wardrobe” recently, and wanted to make a reversible outfit. I decided to start out … Continue reading

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