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Guest Garment

I’ve been a bad blogger; I’ve been sewing, and there are items in my queue going back to April, but life has interfered, and computer glitches mean that I’ve also lost access to a lot of images. Sigh. One day, … Continue reading

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ABdPM 40033: Tank Dress With Contrast Skirt

This is another pattern from the wonderful French company Au Bonheur des Petites Mains.  Here’s my dress: And here’s ABdPM’s version (from their defunct website):: This pattern didn’t come in the box-style case of my previous ABdPM patterns; instead there … Continue reading

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Storing Au Bonheur Patterns

The last batch of Au Bonheur des Petites Mains patterns didn’t come in the marvelous card envelopes in which my first order arrived.   (See the sturdy envelope here; it’s at the end of the post.)  The newest ones came in … Continue reading

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ABdPM 60021: Pull A Col Revers “Muslin”

I used the wrong fabric, and so the garment’s a fail.  But the pattern isn’t, and now I know how to put it together.  Hey, that’s what a “muslin” is all about, right? Here’s the picture on the Au Bonheur … Continue reading

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Five More Versions of ABdPM 20013

I found five amazing versions of my Au Bonheurs des Petites Mains jacket while tooling around amongst French blogs.   Here’s what the pattern looks like when it arrives from ABdPM: I’m not sure I’ve got sorted out whose coat … Continue reading

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ABdPM 20013: C’est Fait!

This pattern, my first Au Bonheurs des Petites Mains, was all about experimentation, and it has been a wonderful experience all around.  Not to mention that I love, love, love this jacket! The lower fastener is drooping a bit; I … Continue reading

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ABdPM 20013: The Lining

Wow, polyester, how do I hate thee?  Let me count the ways:  There’s the permanent factory crease down the center of your yardage that no amount of ironing will remove; the fact that you hate all thread tensions known to … Continue reading

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ABdPM 20013: Miscellaneous Report

Things are progressing here — the jacket’s got pockets: I don’t like raw edges on the insides of my patch pockets, so I lined these with a thin, slippery polyester.  And I interfaced them as well, because that will help … Continue reading

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ABdPM 20013: The Hood

Once I’d fit the jacket, and cut out the interlining, it was time to tackle the “exterior” fabric:  the wool the world would see. This pattern calls for “serge” or “”twill” (it’s not clear to this English reader which) for … Continue reading

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ABdPM 20013: Fit and Interlining

From Au Bonheur des Petites Mains, this is the “Veste effet boule, à capuche”, (or “Jacket ball effect, hooded” per Google Translate).  I’m a little unclear on exactly what the “ball effect” is, but that’s OK.  It’s a jacket with … Continue reading

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