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Teddy Toaster

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My second  Sew House Seven Toaster I looks as if it had been made out of teddy bear fur — if Teddy were made of upholstery material.

I wasn’t sure how that would work, but it’s actually turned out, well, Teddy-rific!

This fabric is at least ten years old; I think it’s closer to 15 years old, and I think it came from Jomar before the old store in Kensington, Philadelphia, burned.  But it’s possible it was a speculative purchase from a Jo-Ann bargain rack.


Whatever its origin, it’s a wacky chenille that looks a lot as if it belongs on a 1970’s couch — or on a 1970s floor, as a carpet. For now, though, I get to just enjoy it. At least in its only once-washed state, it’s soft and cozy. We’ll see how all that synthetic cuddliness survives laundering

Circles. So dangerous, but I think I got away with it this time.

Assembling this top took less than an hour and a quarter, even at the rather leisurely pace I followed. The Toaster pattern is just a snap to put together, and once again, as with my first Toaster, I was in awe of the drafting. Does that top look square-ish to you? It’s not: There are body-hugging curves in the upper torso, clever curves at the cuff, and a neat and perfect curved neckline.

The thoughtfully placed notches make this quick sew nearly foolproof: [Almost] instant gratification!

The self-lined cuffs almost cry out for thumb holes, which would be easy to add, and realizing that makes me think the Toaster might be wonderful in a Melton or something totally wool and totally soft. (Note, though, that the pattern calls for 20% stretch, so if using actual Melton measures would have to be taken. Literally.)  I’m thinking of kind of a 1950s Nordic ski sweater vibe?  Hmm. Food for thought. Regardless, I’m sure this won’t be the last Toaster I make.

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