Denim Work Apron

Sometimes you just need a quick, satisfying project. And sometimes you need something practical that somehow you’ve never managed to acquire. Sometimes the stars align and pouf! Everything falls in place. So it was one day when I needed a denim apron. (And so it may be for you, if you need to make a fun quick-ish gift!)

To be fair, is there anything easier to draft than an apron? The shape is classic, easy to replicate, and you get to make it exactly the right size for you — or an intended recipient.

This is such a basic style, though, that I couldn’t help but add some extra flourishes — (mostly) strictly practical ones, of course.

Apron ties drive me batty, so I knew I wanted to use webbing and buckles.  And because I wanted to be able to easily adjust the apron, I copied the method used on some IKEA aprons we bought years ago.  Instead of turning the torso hems along the sides, I made facings wide enough to pull the webbing through.

This let me run the neck and waist ties all-in-one, from one side, over the neck, and down the other to the other side. Not only are the ties easier to manage than separate waist and neck loops, but the facing looks really nice, too, on both sides of the apron.

I edge-stitched at the outer edge for a clean look, and also because it keeps the apron edge flat and prevents the channel from rolling.

All aprons need pockets — well, let’s be real, all garments need pockets! — so I thought carefully about what mine should do.  I needed places for some specific tools — this apron started life at a typewrite repair class — and for a couple of other specific things I wanted access to while wearing it.

So my big patch pockets have skinny, long pockets underneath, for sorting whatever I’m using, and keeping everything accessible.  And, naturally, there are a couple of cheery red webbing loops for screwdrivers, because setting down a screwdriver is just a recipe for disaster.

But that’s not all! I’m in love with the embroidered patches sold by (NO affiliation; I just think their badges are great!), and I just happened to have one with a typewriter on it. Perfect, no?  And who doesn’t want a little fun along with the necessary practicalities?

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