A Pair of Socks on the Addi Express

Finally, a matching pair of Addi-knit socks! Here are the results of my 78th and 80th casting-ons. (Number 77 was a bust. Sigh.)

There’s still a lot to learn — among other things, I think the tension isn’t exactly the same for both socks — but this is a milestone!

This pair are knit in Lion Brand Wool Ease in Dark Green Heather (marked by Lion as gauge 4) stranded with Universal Yarn Infusion Hand Paints in variegated Blue Riot — which is a fingering weight yarn.

They fit well, too!

I’m still not doing ribbing — I’m not crazy about it in general —
so the tops roll. That’s OK with me!

The combination of these two weights — the gauge 4 with a fingering weight — works well in the Addi, with one caveat: I found that the fingering yarn had a tendency to “thread” a bit, and I had to keep a careful watch to see that it didn’t unexpectedly wrap around the small red teeth. Anything wrapped around the small red teeth — no matter how thin — is likely to stop a needle in its tracks.

A better solution than double-stranding would be a single strand in a weight — call it gauge 4.5 — that would give a nicely thick sock without the bother of using two yarns. It’s still Pandemic time, so I’m not in shops, but I have a couple of yarns on order that I hope may work.

I’ve still not tried ribbing, so that’s to come. My toe seaming needs practice, too, and I still need more experience at doing whole socks, but now, at least, I have a set of instructions that work!

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