Dogbone Pillow

So I’ve had to learn to sleep¬† on my back (ugh) . This has not been a nice process, and has involved a lot of more-or-less ineffectual trial-and-error experimentation. The latest iteration — and one that seems to be working! — involves this triangular pillow.

I made it from a soft, goofy, airstreamy/camping flannel I’d purchased for a different, abandoned, project. I figured the fabric didn’t matter, since it was unlikely to work anyway . . .

The pattern is shaped like a dogbone. I downloaded one, which shall remain unnamed, as it printed wonkily and was a feeble attempt at something that really should have worked better. In the end, I free-hand drew my own. (You can, too!)

The pillow itself is made of three pieces, each sewn down to the center of the end of the bone, all around. Leave an opening along one long side to turn your fabric, of course.  If you like (I did) add a cord for ease of tossing about.

About the only thing you can do wrong here is to fail to sew exactly to the center dip. Don’t do that: you’ll have a hole in your pillow.

Clip, turn and stuff, and that’s it.

The problem with these pillows, of course, is that they are uncleanable. So I made a pillow case by using the same pattern, squaring (rectangling?) off the ends. I made it triangular, too, just because, so it’s a three-sided pillowcase to go with the three-sided pillow.

Somehow I lucked out, and the size is just right, and this silly little thing supports my neck perfectly. I’m kind of thrilled — even if I’m going to miss side sleeping forever.

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