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Burda Polo Triplet

I’ve been away, and working on several projects of various kinds that aren’t yet finished, but one thing I did manage to do before I left was to knock off a couple more of my favorite tops, from BurdaStyle’s 09/2010 issue, pattern number 121.  These make up incredibly fast, and wear sooooo comfortably!

I used the cotton/poly/spandex cord mentioned in this post, but carefully examined each bolt so that I didn’t end up with the fade stripe on the fabric I took home.  (It took trips to three different JoAnn stores to find bolts without the fade issue!).  These three are a dark purple, gray, and black — great basic colors.  This “winter” has been so warm that I probably won’t be wearing them again until next fall, but they’re ready to go when the weather turns cool again.

By the way, there are more Minoru Jackets up on my round-up post today.  Take a look, and see what people have done with Tasia’s fantastic pattern!  (Scroll to the bottom to see the newest additions.)

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