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How To Find Your Bag Anywhere

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When we travel, Mr. Noile and I are not big fans of shopping, unless we’re buying books or food, both of which we like to bring home from elsewhere.  So it goes without saying that we aren’t in the habit of picking up souvenirs as we flit around the planet.  We do, however, find ourselves regularly acquiring the colorful embroidered patches that abound wherever tourists or travelers of any kind congregate.

I’ve always wondered what to do with them, and now I know.  I have a suitcase that came with a protective sleeve, and I’ve begun to sew said patches onto the cover:

I’d never desecrate my car like this, but somehow it seems OK to do this with my suitcase.  And, let’s face it, I’ll always be able to find my black bag in a sea of them, won’t I?  Not to mention the memories, the lovely memories .  .  .

This one is my personal emblem, which evokes, for me, the lovely ruined baths of Budapest, to which I hope to return as often as possible:

It’s decorating the identification flap.  Without it, I’d never remember where my ID is on the cover.

This badge, and a slew of others I have handy, is from a company called Demeritwear, which sells a whole line of somewhat wacky embroidered badges of impeccable quality.  If you want that little bit of je ne sais quois added to just about anything to which you can put a stitch, Demeritwear is your “go-to” place.  At the least, a visit to the site will make you grin.

We first did this on little Noilette’s toddler backpack, which was a great hit with her; kind of a portable scrapbook.  There wasn’t much chance of leaving it behind anywhere when it was such an important part of her well-traveled life, and so easily identified as hers.

Disclaimer: The usual.  It’s my blog, no one pays me for content or supplies it to me.

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