Addi Mittens, Take 3

After two failures, it was time to try again. Like the previous two mittens, this pair was made using Suzy’s Addi Pro Mittens Tutorial. This pair  were made from double-strands of Lion Brand Fishermen’s Wool and KnitPicks Stroll fingering yarn — a combination that is possibly a little thicker than the Addi likes best, but roughly comparably in weight to the Wool Ease and Kroy Socks double strands.

Knit mittens are always a little problematic — they’re holey, after all! — but this yarn combination yields a nice, tight fabric. You’d still might want to wear some kind of woven liner under in really cold weather, but in most circumstances, these mittens would probably keep hands cozy enough.

However, I had issues. I haven’t fully mastered the art of dropping stitches, flat knitting, and replacing stitches. My work isn’t tidy. So that’s one thing.

The size discrepancy is actually worse than it looks here.

The other is that, unexpectedly, these mittens aren’t the same size! The explanation’s simple (I think): I used a tensioner on the second mitten, having apparently forgotten that I hadn’t on the first. The change in tension was enough to make a significantly smaller mitten. This could be useful, I guess, if a smaller size was desired? But, in this case, it simply serves as a warning: Tension matters!

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