Addi Express Mittens!

I used Suzy’s Addi Pro Mittens Tutorial; the process looked a lot easier than socks. (But, let’s face it, socks aren’t at all tough once you figured them out!) My first attempt was done double-stranding Lion Brand Fishermen’s Wool in oatmeal and Kroy Socks in brown rose marl.

There were issues. I love the extra long cuff, which is doubled back and knitted together, but I had trouble with the thumb, which is done in a flat panel. I failed to drop the necessary stitches properly, and, well, it was a mess. Using these yarns, this mitten was also far too long for me.

I took it apart; too much was wrong, and I also hated the meh color(s).

Things got messier on my second attempt.

Before I tried again I did a few practice flat panels to see if I could figure out what I was doing wrong with the dropped stitched. Practice is good, and I mostly figured out where I was going wrong. Then I decided to try a different yarn altogether.

Then figured out a few more ways to send things awry: I used a very different yarn, single-strand, and altered Suzy’s sizing so that it would fit me better (cough, cough). Whoops.

I just want to say that the fabric of this mitten is just lovely! It’s soft and warm, and . . . perfect. It’s a slightly fuzzy thin strand which came from a donation table at the Guild I belong to. (We take items other members leave, and give a small donation to the Guild in exchange.) I have no idea what the fiber content is.

But that mitten — oh, that mitten! It’s far too short; the thumb isn’t exactly where it belongs (for my hand, at least), and the cuff, which did turn out as I intended, size-wise, is far too wide to serve as a cuff — because the yarn is so soft, and lacks the integrity of the yarns I’d used for the first mitten, and it spreads rather than curving around my wrist. It’s back to the drawing board for mittens . . .

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