Double-Strand Sock on the Addi Express

Learning any new skill requires practice . . . a lot of practice. I did all of my initial learning on the Addi Express using single strand Gauge 4 yarns. But Addi says that socks are properly made with a double strand of knitting yarn, so I gave it a try, even before I was really proficient at using the Addi.

This was the result. It’s actually a fantastic sock! But I’ll explain what happened here.Double-stranding of the weights I used proved very problematic. I used Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool stranded with Caron Soft Stitch. The machine struggled, and I was constantly worried that I’d push it too far. The double strands make for some really bulky placements beneath the red vanes. In addition, the doubled yarn constantly twisted, so I had to be very aware of that.  All in all, it was a hard slog.

And I forgot a really important rule when I finally hit a stitch I just couldn’t move — I forgot to check to see if I had accidentally moved the red lever on the side to the flat knitting selection. As a result, I took the sock off the loom without finishing the toe.

That was less of a disaster than it might have been, since I knew I wouldn’t try this particular doubling again — I was just too concerned that I might break the Addi.

Stitch pulled during knitting, and attached to one many rows after.

I encountered another problem with this sock, though — somehow a stitch was caught on a needle, many, many rows away, and pulled the fabric up. This has happened twice before on other practice samples, and I’m a little baffled as to how it could even occur — somehow previously knitted fabric gets tangled up and this is the result. I’ll have to watch more carefully to see how the sock lies as it’s knitted, and be sure to keep the fabric pulled down, and well out of the way of any random needle contact. Otherwise, I’m at a bit of a loss.

Next up, I’ll try double-stranding with Fisherman’s Wool and a lighter yarn. I expect that to work much better.

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