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Addi Express Sock Cuff and Heel Cue Sheet 1

January 20th, 2022 No comments

Addi Express Machine Knit Socks

(You may want to refer to Sylvie Rasch’s video and to the tips posts listed below before beginning.
These cue sheets won’t teach you how to make a sock on an Addi, but will make knitting socks a lot easier
once you understand the basic process.)

These instructions consist of five steps:

1. Cuff: Cast-on, cranking counter-clockwise, completing rounds for cuff.

2. Heel: Parts one and two.

3. Foot: Completing rounds, counter-clockwise, for foot

4. Toe: Parts one and two.

5. Finish: Grafting toe seam and winding in ends.

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First Socks on the Addi Express

January 17th, 2022 No comments

The only thing I knew I wanted to make on my Addi Express was bed socks. It’s been quite a journey. The seventy-first and seventy-second casting-ons I did resulted in these:

Not exactly socks, but sock booties. They fit perfectly! And they’re a more-or-less adequate beginning attempt. (As I experimented, my samples got shorter and shorter.) These are knit from Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool — proving that wool can, indeed, work on the Addi Express! Read more…

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Tips for Using the Addi Express

January 16th, 2022 No comments

Here are a few tips, summarized, for maximizing success while using your Addi Express circular knitting machine:

Best tip of all:  There are nearly invisible numbers in front of each needle, all around the Addi. Take a marker, and make the needle numbers visible! This will save you SO much grief over time! Read more…

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Addi Express Circular Loom

January 14th, 2022 No comments

Years ago, Mr. Noile and I saw a demonstration of a vintage circular sock loom at a crafts exhibit, and we kind of fell in love with the idea of using an ancient device to make something at once so practical and so luxurious.

We soon learned that sock looms — the metal, ancient, venerable kind — are pricey, and that they can be a tricky item for a novice to buy. And that vendors tend to have lengthy waiting lists for the few that become available. So we let the idea simmer. Until now, when I wanted something new to learn to wrap up the year.

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